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Escaping exclamation mark in a forwarded email

Rushan Ratha


Hi All,


I am trying to forward an email to a particular notebook but finding it difficult to sync it correctly because the subject contains an exclamation mark (!) i.e.


Fwd: Note to myself! @Personal


The note keeps going into my default notebook which in my case is "Inbox" however I want it to go to "Personal".


I understand the exclamation mark is used to setup reminders but is there any way to escape it.


All help is appreciated.


Many Thanks,




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It would certainly be nice if it were, but I suppose its really just @ # and ! you have to avoid, otherwise other punctuation is more or less fair game... just a shame that ! is such a frequently used mark, though I suppose its omission from a note title doesn't really change the meaning too much.

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