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Attaching an image causes scroll-up and makes the text editor toolbar disappear

Greg Courville

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Attaching an image in the editor causes the text formatting toolbar to go away, and scrolls up to the top of the note. The only way to get the bar back is to load another note, then go back to the original one (and then go find my place again). This has been a huge pain when taking notes on an experiment, where I might want to paste in 5 or 10 plots.

Note that it only happens when Evernote "remembers" to shrink the image to fit the width of the window. Sometimes (seemingly at random -- I can use the same image over and over again and get varying results) that doesn't happen, and the image stays 1:1, spilling off the right side of the view; in this case, the toolbar doesn't get hidden and I don't get thrown back to the top of the note.

This is one of many editor bugs keeping me from seriously considering Premium. I'll get started on the problems with lists (for example, the way clicking the bulleted list toggle sometimes irreversibly deletes big blocks of material from the note) when I get some more time free.


Build: (271895) Prerelease

OS: WIndows 7 Home Premium x64

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This looks like a bug. You should consider updating to the most recent beta (it's up to 5.6.1). It doesn't fix this particular problem, but you'll at least be testing on the latest and greatest.

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