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As a premium subscriber, the webpage indicates that I should have heard back within one business day on these suggestions, but since I haven't heard anything in over two weeks, I thought I'd try these ideas out here:

Note annotations - while you can change font, color, etc. on text within a note, features to highlight text and other annotation features would be valuable. searching by text, tag or other metadata can find the note, but annotations can quickly and visually pinpoint the relevant portions of a note that you have already studied and taken notes on. (See Case 58610)

Support for OpenMeta - is Evernote considering support for the OpenMeta scheme for tagging? (See Case 56179)

Auto (recommended) tagging - Since Evernote is already analyzing the note (for words in a search, for metadata associated with a note, etc.), it could recommend tags that might be relevant for a note and make those easily available for a user to select (or not); see similar functionality in Yep. (See Case 56076)

Tag filters or Tag Groups- Mixed-use accounts (work, home, personal, professional, etc.) can accumulate a HUGE number of tags that are only relevant to specific notebooks or notebooks. I've seen some discussions that recommend notebook-specific tags, which I'd support, but an alternative might be tag groups. I can reasonably see filters for tags based on a number of factors, including tags-for-tags, auto-selection (select a notebook and only those tags which are contained on notes within that notebook show up in the list of available tags), etc. (See Case 56073 & 56069)

Notebook folders - Covered numerous times in this forum and seemingly deemed too difficult to address at this time by Evernote (See Case 56070)

I'd love to hear from some of you if these features (or even work arounds with similar functionality) are present and I just can't figure them out. Thanks

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I searched through our inquiry systems, and I see that you submitted a "product suggestion" via our suggestions page. This goes to product management, and isn't used for support purposes.

To receive premium technical support, submit an inquiry at the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/

Thanks for the product suggestions. A few comments:

The current (version 3.1) Windows client uses a rich text editing engine that can't support some of those more advanced forms of markup (like highlighting). The new client uses a more advanced engine, which should allow us to add more fancy text markup in the future.

Re: tagging ... you may have some success with the Saved Search feature, which lets you specify arbitrary sets of criteria in a single named search. This search will be executed again if you click on it in the UI. Creating these searches on the current Windows client is a bit of a manual process, but we're building a better GUI to see and save your current search in the upcoming 3.5 client.

Thanks for the feedback!

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The Mac client already uses an HTML engine which supports advanced styles, so things like highlighting should be possible in the future. (We don't want to implement this in a way that won't sync cleanly between your various computers, so have been waiting for the Win32 update.)

The Mac "Saved Search" interface is already complete ... there's a "Save" button next to the search explanation that you can use to save your current search/filter criteria, for re-use later.

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