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Why is it telling me I already have a version of Evernote downloaded?



My local copy of Evernote refused to open either from the task bar or the Apps folder, so I decided to uninstall and download another copy. I removed the .App file from the App folder to the trash and deleted the shortcut, emptied the trash folder then rebooted the machine.


However, when I tried to download the new copy from the App store, it claims that I still have a copy that I need to get rid of. The only trace of the old copy that I can find is in Spotlight, which shows evernote.app as its top hit, but will neither open it nor show where it is. There is no sign of it in Launchpad.


can anyone suggest how I can get rid of this ghost?


I have OSX 10.9.4 running on an iMAC with 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

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Do you have a second partition or hard drive in that computer with another operating system installed? 


Also, when you search in spotlight, hold the cmd key while you place your mouse over the evernote result. It should show the directory in which that file is located. What is the directory?

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Ah, that's the one! If it is being cloned to a separate partition or a separate drive you could always just unmount that drive/partition. There are some applescript things you could also do to get the drive to mount/unmount at certain times to allow your clone to happen, then unmount, etc. 


When I am running two Mac OS drives, I also run into this problem a fair bit and have to always remember to unmount/eject the drive I'm not booted into. I ended up creating (using terminal) a file at the root of the volume called:


So you could put that at the root of your clone partition to prevent Spotlight from indexing it.

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Thanks again.


I disconnected my SuperDuper hard drive and the Spotlight pointer disappeared; I rebooted the system, leaving the hard drive disconnected and retried the download from the App Store, but it again claims I have the latest version of Evernote installed.


Does anyone know what Evernote (or the App Store) looks for to check for an existing copy?

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If you are comfortable doing so, open a Finder window and press cmd-shift-g to "go" to a directory


Then past the following directory into the box:



ONLY delete the "receipt" for Evernote. Do NOT touch anything else. 


This should help, if I come across any other ideas, I'll let you know. 


The alternative would be to take this opportunity to switch to the direct download version which sees updates more rapidly than the App Store version. More on the transition here:



I'd remind you to make sure you have backups, but it sounds like you already have this covered! :)

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