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Deleting 'Announcements'



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Coincidentally, I just set up a new installation of Evernote and just did this very thing. Right click and select "remove from sidebar".  


I am a premium user and haven't got my free alternate account set up so this might be a premium only thing. 

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Thanks for responding, Scott, but perhaps you misunderstand what I am asking, or I wrote it wrong. In 'Announcements' are a bunch of Evernote-generated tips and marketing docs. Many of them don't apply to me or are of no interest. How do I remove those announcements?

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Not possible. Just like you can't remove posts you aren't interested in from someone else's blog. 


If it isn't interesting to you, you can ignore it. To me it is all marketing and "tips" that I am not interested in, so I just remove "announcements" from my sidebar altogether and never give it a second thought. 

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