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Mac Mavericks Opening to Full Page When Diminished?



When EN is open but in a diminished mode, how does one open it to full screen?


The only way I find is to go back to the Dock and click on the EN icon as if opening it from a closed state.





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Hi Scott,


Yes, in Safari, under File, there is "Open Location" which brings it back from a diminished mode to a full screen mode.


In Mail, under Window, there is "Message Viewer" which brings it back from a diminished state to a larger screen state.


In EN, I have not found the magic key to retrieve from a diminished state until I am writing 


this response. I finally found it under "Window" as "Evernote" at the bottom of the drop-down window.


So, thanks, Scott, for this exercise which "pushed" me to search deeper to find the magic opener.


Now, if only all these apps had the same, standard way of doing this operation.


Best, Bill



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