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paperless How I'm getting out of the habit of carrying a pocket notepad

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For many years, I've been in the habit of carrying, and having quick at hand, a pocket notepad on which to write random notes or doodles. Even while designing a website, I'd write, say, hexadecimal codes calculated for CSS colors or special characters. Or URLs for links. Items for momentary use. When a page was full, I'd rip it out and toss it.

Now, I've put the notepad away. I carry an iPhone with Quickever installed. It opens instantly, ready for a note that may be saved to Evernote or trashed, depending upon what circumstances dictate. This is a new habit, a learning process for me. I find that I still grasp for the old paper notepad at first, out of long-established habit. But it's gone. Now I'm reaching for the phone.

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Good for you! It's freeing to need one less item you must carry around at all times -- at least, it was for me. I do the same thing, except I use Drafts on my phone, because I have a couple of places I tend to send to (email, text messages, Evernote, Safari web search, etc.) and Drafts gives me that freedom. Like you, I'm still trying to get in the habit and making it instinctual :)

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