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Hand written to do's - Anyone have a solution?

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Hi Everyone!


Is there anyone that have figured out a way to make hand written to do's and make them searchable in Evernote?


I woud like to be able to write to do's in my normal notebook (mixed with other notes) and highlight them with a tag, symbol etc. and after each meeting, I will scan the page, and Evernote should then gather all to do's from different pages and note books into one Evernote page with to do's only. That would for me be the function that got me to really use Evernote.


If this is not possible to do, I am very surprised. Doesn't more people want this function? Must be easy to make.




Best regards,



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Thanks for your reply!


According to your first link, it seems like the technology is there but not a simple application. Interesting!


Both the solution with small stickers in a special Moleskin notebook and using post-its are too complex and time consuming to make it a really good solution.


What I would like to do is to write a to do on any paper, write a e.g, triangle in the margin, scan the paper, and Evernote should then transfer it to the to do list in Evernote. Today I take notes in meetings etc and during those meetings, a lot of actions come up, and I write them in the same notebook, this make me have actions/to dos in many different pages, something I would like to avoid.


I could also write e.g., TO DO in the margin if that would help Evernote, but I do not know how to make that text into a To Do in the Evernote To Do function.






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  • Evernote Expert

Yes, you can do the same. It is possible. You can configure your post it colour settings ( available in android and ios) and set default tags, notebook destination and set as to-do. Then simply click a picture of the post IT note and Evernote will do the automatic filing for you.

Please nite that this will work only for PostIT brand notes and the four default supported colours.

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