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Evernote Desktop not creating title from first line


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When I manually create a new note in Evernote (Windows 8 - desktop, not the metro app) the program populates the title of the note with the first line of the body text.


When I clip using WIN+A from any program (tested Firefox, Chrome & Word) Evernote does not do this and leaves the note untitled.


Is this an error with my system or have I missed some setting that changed in a new version of Evernote?


Any help in fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated :)


OS: Windows 8 Pro

Evernote Version (271962) Public

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I noted this a little while ago in one of the update threads, but have not seen it corrected. The "fix" for now is to press F2 to get to the title, then left click on the body of the note (seems to work anywhere, it doesn't have to be on the text that should be the title. I am using (272057) Prerelease.

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