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Evernote Quick Entry Window



I've been obsessed with using Evernote as my task manager for the past few weeks as I get ready for university. I've look into many task manager apps. OmniFocus and Things are my favourites with great features and sync but they can't compare to the flexibility and features extension of Evernote: clipping, tagging, rich text editing, images, pdfs, attachments, search, notebooks, stacks, location notes, offline support and so much more...


Currently, there is a quick entry window for Evernote Mac App on the menu bar.


OmniFocus and Things provided their version of quick entry feature that allows users to input a task quickly no matter which app the user is focusing on. The user can call up the quick entry window across all apps, like a kind of Alfred. (inputting notes in Alfred is pain in the 'S')


I wish to see Evernote Mac App have something like that and I did a mockup. I've tried using Applescript to write a dialog window for it but I'm note a programmer and didn't manage to do it.

p/s. I know some of you might say that the shortcut key for a New Evernote Window works for this, but the problem I've come across is that, when I put Evernote to fullscreen and execute the command for 'New Evernote Window', OS X moves from the desktop to the Evernote Mac App which is in fullscreen. I suppose the 'New Evernote Window' command calls for a launch of Evernote so it move to the Evernote app. To get back to the window created, I have to swipe back to the desktop, which is counter-efficent. 
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