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  1. Update: Evernote support replied me this morning. Finally. I'm talking about the EN iOS in-app camera function. I don't use Scannable because I don't usually upload PDFs or documents. I suppose your "use device camera" option means the manual mode/ auto-off mode? If that, I've tried it. It takes a snapshot like a photo and by having it to be processed as a Post-it® doesn't gives you the actual Post-it images as well. It shows or processes a color document which is labelled as a Post-it.
  2. This will be the 3rd time I feedback this. I've submitted a support ticket and commented on a blog post on Evernote without a response. The new camera function on the new Evernote app is not really smart as you might claim. In real life use, at least for me, it doesn't do anything that helps scan documents faster. It almost always capture the image before my camera focuses The camera flash is sometimes on and sometimes off even though I set it to "ON" It doesn't detect my Post-it® notes. It always recognize them as a black and white document or color document Yes, I can switch it to process as Post-it but the processing does make them look like the captured Post-its but merely a color document tagged as Post-it. It means, they are just like color documents, not Post-it images. I cannot save a photo unless I switch to manual because you guys at Evernote presumes everybody wants to take a picture of a document in auto mode What's wrong with the older camera function when I can mix and match the different kinds of images I want to capture, because I don't need the phone to help me recognize the document or card by analyzing the size or color or what. I've always appreciated how simple Evernote is and it helps me organize and process my information. I stuck to it despite some minor issues over the years, but now I'm getting the sense that the service and app quality in Evernote is slipping. When as you guys try to do more new things, the basic things really don't really need to change, it just needs to work well and fast for some of us.
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