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Downsizing! Getting rid of all the stuff! I spent the last week scanning thousands of my old documents into Evernote. Some of them go back to 1968.


Our house goes on the market very soon! I didn't want to pack it all up for the sale, so after scanning them, I let the town recycler haul it away.


The weight was easily close to 100 pounds.

The equivalent information as scanned data in Evernote?

Probably less than the weight of one molecule of oxygen.



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I normally shred my confidential stuff. But this stuff was too much to shred, so I pushed it out the street at 7am just as the truck was coming by. A big truck with a mechanical arm picks the entire bin up and dumps in with all the other recyclables.  Then moves to my neighbor's home and dumps their stuff, etc.


A word of warning - leaving it outside over night could attract some unsavory dumpster divers. A lot of my stuff was over 7 years old and pertained to family letters, genealogy stuff, even articles about my daughter's softball career in high school and college 


There are companies that I could hire to do the shredding. I did not consider the stuff I scanned to be worthy of that investment.


And yes I spent all day for the entire week scanning. I did not worry about titles or tags. I will do that once I settle down in our new location in Maine. And I have two premium Evernote accounts to handle the large number of pdf documents.

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