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Deleting an attached file in a note of attached files?

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I have created a note of all attached files, now I am unable to delete one of the attachments, I am also having difficulty in finding how to edit this note? I would like to make add a line ahead of the group of attachments.

I am new to Evernote but am still scratching around my various devices an iMac, iPhone and iPad.

Can anyone advise if I am doing something wrong?

I love the power of this app and am anxious to get more advanced.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Attachments are treated a lot like text in an Evernote note. To delete an attachment, simply use your arrow keys to move your cursor in front of the attachment and hit backspace to delete the attachment just as if it were text.

Likewise if you want to rearrange them in space, you can hit the return key to insert a line in front or behind depending on the location of your cursor,

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Hi Scott,


My deepest thanks, This did the trick.


Next time I'll leave a space between my attachments which I believe will make it easier, rather than having all the attachments clumped together.


Now on to my next discovery, I'm getting wiser.



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