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Syncing Issue


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Hi. I'm brand new to evernote. I just created a checklist on my laptop (Windows 8), hoping to be able to access it on my Blackberry Q5 (also new). It didn't show up on the phone, so I tried pressing the manual sync button a bunch of times. Still nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a sync button I need to press on the blackberry to download notes from the evernote server? Or is this a common issue? I'd appreciate any ideas

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All notes get synced from the client where they are created (or updated) up to the Evernote servers, and then down to other clients. Your Android client should be syncing down automatically, but that can take some time. It's also possible that your Windows client sync is not working. The way to find out  what's happening is to log into the Evernote web client; if your Windows notes are there, then the problem is between the Evernote servers and your Android device. If they're not there, then the problem is between your Windows device and the Evernote servers.

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