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Will Evernote ever work on the performance of 5.x?


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I've been on 5.x for a couple of months, and in some regards it is better than 4.x (instantly syncing some notes for example) and in some regards not any better at all. 4.x suffers the same issues.


My database is 18GB and houses 23,500 notes (17,500 personal, 6,000 business). My computer has an i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a Seagate STM500LM000 500GB hybrid drive, so this is NOT an issue with an underperforming computer.


EN can go into long bouts of "Evernote Not Responding" while the SSHD grinds. I was working on a note yesterday that had a 60MB CSV file in it and was attempting to add some notes to it, format them correctly, and then share a URL with a co-worker so they could get the attachment and instructions.


I've modified EN's registry setting to only autosave every 5 minutes too but that hasn't helped.


I could make a change and the SSHD would just grind for 3-5 minutes, leaving me to do nothing else. I finally gave up and after the third time it did this, I forced a full sync and went to the website to finish working on the note and create the shared URL. That is totally absurd.


When is Evernote going to fix this problem? This is a daily occurrence with some notes. I am to the point I won't use Evernote in meetings. I make notes in TextPad and save them to EN later, or I'll use EN on my iPad, which has none of these issues. It looks like the database itself needs a full rewrite. And this isn't fixable with a fresh install. It happens on that too, and I shouldn't have to do a fresh install and redownload 18GB anyway.


It is time to stop working on the eye candy and catering to the user that has 25 recipes stored in their account and support the heavy users that want to use Evernote to be more productive in many aspects of their lives. It is sad when I have to get better performance out of a web browser or a mobile device that has 1/10th of the resources of my PC.

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Well, it just did one of its things where it grinds the hard drive for along time then crashes. I am going to submit a bug report, but if anyone from evernote is reading this, can you look at the crash dump that was sent? It has the text "EdH 20140626Crash" in the body.

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