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Laggy Windows Client

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Dear sirs,

I used debugmenu. I did also reinstall the app and deleted the previous database so the new database is fetched from Evernote server.


The issue is reduced but it is still there, It works so buggy and so much of lags in application. I think evernote should think about this DATABASE issue.


I have only 290 notes and 90MB of database and it works slow with lags when i want to edit text or sometimes writing a text.


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Yeah I agree on this. Latest Evernote for Win 7 (64bit) is not running incredibly smooth. Lots of waiting and issues syncing even on fiber cable internet connection.

Many times the app gets stuck when selecting several notes, merging or adding pictures. Very slow for being a note taking app!

I have 32 processors and 64gb ram on this said machine, working with 3D design and rendering, so I really would expect a small app like Evernote to fly!

Also my Evernote database and local storage have their own designated internal SATA drive.

What could be the issue with this?


Thanks David

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