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(Archived) accurate webpage clip


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I'm just trying out evernote and there's a lot that I like about it. However I'm comparing it to iCyte and there is one way in which I think iCyte performs a lot better - when I clip a webpage then my clip looks exactly the webpage (in fact I believe it archives the version I clip.) But on evernote I guess the stylesheet gets lost or something? The text and images are there but it otherwise does not resemble the webpage.

Is there some method I can use to get what I want? Clip the entire page as an image maybe?

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If you don't ever want to edit the contents of the note, then you can get similar behavior by printing a PDF version of the web page into Evernote. Evernote is focused on editability for most notes you clip, however, so we preserve the content of the page in a portable editable format which you can use to clean up the contents for long-term storage without all of the ads and random web site navigation cruft.

For example, I frequently clip recipes from web sites like nytimes.com ... when I do this, I end up with random little advertisements and site navigation links in my note that I don't really need five years from now. So I just select these bits and Delete from Evernote to get rid of them. We keep the original URL for clipped web pages, so I can always get back to the original to see it in context if I want it later.

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I don't want to leave the browser. So it looks like I'd have to make a pdf and import it, using the desktop client or something? I have a mac, but I still prefer FF over Safari. I knew Safari had this full clip function and it's nice, but it meant I had to get the desktop client which I don't necessarily want. I like the simple interfact of the webclipper.

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At the risk of self-promotion, if you check out one of the links in my signature I wrote an article a while ago about how to print a web page right into Evernote as a PDF, using a Firefox extension. This preserves a page perfectly. I did it in Windows, though, so I'm not sure if it would work the same for you on your Mac. It also isn't as speedy as normal web clipping, as you have to wait a few seconds for the pdf to be formatted, but it works.

(EDIT: With a change in my signature, the link isn't there any longer. Here it is: http://www.40tech.com/2009/08/09/evernote-hack-clip-web-pages-as-pdf-files-in-windows/

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I teach 100+ fraud/auditing/ethics classes every year. Both live and online webcasts. I use iCyte to gather info on all kinds of frauds. Questions:

  1. How do I yellow highlight a clip in Evernotes?
  2. I have 3,000+ Cyte pages and sure don't want to Clip them one at a time into Evernote. How do I import my Cytes Evernote?

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