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Request: New note shouldn't clear search



I've changed my Evernote setup so that I use tags now instead of notebooks to organise notes. This makes it much easier to put notes in shared notebooks without worrying about losing track of them, and also to have one note in multiple projects at the same time.


However, I've noticed one problem: when I click on a project tag in my sidebar, and I create a new note, the selected tag is instantly deselected and I'm shown all my notes instead of just the ones pertaining to that project. Also, my note isn't tagged for the project, and I have to re-tag it and then select the project tag again to get back.


I feel like this should work the way notebooks do: if you've searched for a series of tags, and you create a new note, those tags should be part of the note and your search should not just disappear. At least, this should be an option.


What do you think?

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I should also add: just checked the behaviour on the iPhone, and it works as I would expect. It tags the note with your search and returns you to where you were – so, this is an inconsistency between the platforms.

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