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  1. I agree with the above. Evernote emphasises flexibility: you can use tags, notebooks, whatever works for you. To not be able to search within tags you've selected on your sidebar is just an unnecessary difference between Notebooks and Tags, which only makes working with Evernote harder.
  2. That "My Notes" tab you see doesn't show you notes associated with the tag. Instead, it allows you to search only within your own notes, excluding notebooks which have been shared with you (try it out). JMichael, the reason you don't see it is probably because no one has shared a notebook with you. So, it's still not possible to search within a tag like this.
  3. At the moment, when you have a tag selected, and go to search, there is no way for you to search within the tag. Instead, you have to search "tag:<tag name>" explicitly each time. Is there any way of doing this like you can with notebooks? (Ie. just hit the search bar and select the current notebook to search within it)
  4. I should also add: just checked the behaviour on the iPhone, and it works as I would expect. It tags the note with your search and returns you to where you were – so, this is an inconsistency between the platforms.
  5. I've changed my Evernote setup so that I use tags now instead of notebooks to organise notes. This makes it much easier to put notes in shared notebooks without worrying about losing track of them, and also to have one note in multiple projects at the same time. However, I've noticed one problem: when I click on a project tag in my sidebar, and I create a new note, the selected tag is instantly deselected and I'm shown all my notes instead of just the ones pertaining to that project. Also, my note isn't tagged for the project, and I have to re-tag it and then select the project tag again to get back. I feel like this should work the way notebooks do: if you've searched for a series of tags, and you create a new note, those tags should be part of the note and your search should not just disappear. At least, this should be an option. What do you think?
  6. Currently, you can group notes in Evernote by month. It would be really helpful to me to be able to also choose to group by day or week. Use cases: 1. I study at uni (college for the US folks here), and everything goes into Evernote. Given topics tend to change week-by-week, and just about everything works on a weekly basis, being able to organise my notes to reflect that would really help. If I wanted to see my lectures from two weeks back, I could quite easily scroll down and see where one week ended and the other started. 2. I want to keep a journal in Evernote, consisting of multiple notes for each day. Grouping all these by day would help keep them together.
  7. This is now a feature! I just tried it in Evernote for iPad and it worked. Thanks evernote team
  8. Using Evernote for academic study is great... providing you're using the mac client, where you can open your PDF files in Preview for native highlighting and notes. On iOS, there is no easy way to do this, without an annoying round trip with duplicate files. Although Skitch recently added support for PDFs, you can only draw on them, add arrows and text. For marking up a PDF with highlights and comments, especially for academic reading, it's much better to be able to use standard PDF markup tools such as text-select highlighting and notes which sit in the margins. There's no way I'd want to write all my notes in typed fonts around the page, like Skitch would have me do. Is there any way Skitch or Evernote might support this in the near future? I find this a necessity, and use Papers 3 in the meantime.
  9. I don't think that's correct -- it should be as simple as inserting an image into a post, which is a very basic feature of Evernote already. All it requires is for a drop down pen input box before the image is placed in. Yes, I agree -- Evernote is certainly not broken, I just felt that my workflow was, and I have a feeling it's not an uncommon workflow. The ability to add a small drawing or schematic, even as I mentioned, a formula or equation, seems to have popped up around the forums a fair bit. Though, I don't think it's a good idea to base this on exactly how much more coding it will take -- after all, the Evernote developers did just finish rebuilding the entire app on all platforms, so if a feature has enough purpose it should be implemented. My thoughts are that in a tablet-based world, drawing directly onto the screen seems a very natural thing to do. Mind you, for something like Evernote, a full Notability or Penultimate-style implementation wouldn't be the right thing (that's why Penultimate is there), though an easily insertable sketch option just may be, for when those large scale features don't apply. Same as you can make an audio recording (a very useful feature), I think you should be able to insert a small sketch. Also, Gmail on the iPhone has a similar feature to what I'm talking about, and it's really handy.
  10. I really support this as well. There's currently no way to combine both text and written notes in one -- I don't want to have to go to penultimate or skitch just to put a small diagram or equation into my notes. All that is needed is a small field which can be drawn in, which is then added to the main note. It would make Evernote a very flexible app, without being bloated -- pretty essential stuff, I would think. Eg. If I'm writing a text note, and then want to add a tiny diagram of what I'm talking about, I currently have to: 1. Exit out of evernote 2. Open penultimate 3. Draw 4. Export back to evernote 5. Open evernote 6. Sync 7. Open the penultimate note 8. Copy the drawing 9. Go into the original note 10. Paste the drawing And even then, I have a full page drawing, not the small diagram I wanted. It seems broken
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