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Evernote 5 desktop premium synchronization problems


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OK, so I was using Evernote premium on Windows 8.1. I used 5 USD per month payment plan and decided to go full year plan after my last payment run out. After the payment I am recognized as a premium user and can access Evernote Web, and use it. But my Desktop version the latest Evernote 5 version, all of a sudden won't open anymore. I can see it running in my system try, but can't open the main window and every time I try I get this message here. No matter what password I enter of click cancel the main window won't open.

"In order to synchronize your notes with the evernote service, you must provide your account password. To continue without synchronization please click cancel."

I'm using two way verification method but any password including that one won't work.

Please help. Thank you.

EDIT: Reinstaling Evernote solved the problem. :)


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OS: Windows 8.1

Evernote version:

Current Ticket: Ticket# 542858


So I'm experiencing this very same issue with version, and un-installing/reinstalling does not resolve the issue. In fact the only solution I have found to bypass this issue thus far is to install beta version


I'm awaiting a resolution from support on this issue.

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Support has had an unusual amount of Support Tickets lately, so they may be delayed in responding to you.  They are not avoiding you, they are just a bit busy.  And...


Since you have not gotten a response from anyone else on the Forum, I have a suggestion that may work. (If you have not tried this yet.)


I understand uninstall/reinstall has not worked.  However, when you uninstall, depending on the problem you are dealing with, you also need to clean "all" the small parts of Evernote off your system before re-installing.  For a mac, you can try AppCleaner app.  If you have already uninstalled Evernote, install it again before you use AppCleaner.  


For Windows, you can try Advanced Uninstaller Pro.   If you have already uninstalled Evernote, install it again before you use Advanced Uninstaller.


In both cases, when you are finished with the cleaning process, I recommend reinstalling Evernote from their website, not from the App Store.


If this does not help, wait for support unless someone else has a better idea.


Good luck.

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