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Feedback for New Functions on Evernote

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I am a premuim Evernote user for the fact that I enjoy and find it is very useful to manage and share my work info with my colleagues but there are a few functions that I would love Evernote to consider having to make Evernote an even more powerful tool:


Back botton for Evernote mobile app - sometimes I key in something wrongly or happen to highlight something and accidentally delete it and it is such a pain to retype everything or sometimes I just lose the information if I can't remember


Table editing - Right now Evernote is only able to insert table but not to edit or add/delete the number of rolls and colums. Many times I need to key in more info and add in more roll/column but unable to do so. If Evernote is able to create and edit table like Microsoft Word/Page or even like Excel it will be great.


Photo resizing - when I upload photos from my phone to Evernote, it turns out very big and doesn't appear nicely. It will be great if the photo size can resized to fit in the note







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What platform are you using?   Windows, Tablet, iOS, Mac?


Back Button:  You should have a back button on the virtual keyboard on a tablet and iOS.  ??


Table Editing:  It is much easier to create your Table in Word or word processor, then Copy/Paste into a Note.  However, improving the Table Editing functions within Evernote has been requested by many, including myself.  Many feel the same as you!


Photo Resizing:  On a desktop, you should be able to Right-click on an image, click on Annotate this Image.  This screen will appear:https://www.evernote.com/shard/s48/sh/517fa545-890d-4224-8b3e-58585ddd09cd/b4a55903ffce85cd42c1cef9fedcfd88

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