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Regular lags and freezing


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I have problem with regular freezing of pc app, it happens on my desktop PC and laptot too. I am typing a note and suddenly it stops responding for a while, I have to wait few 2-3 seconds and than I can type again. After a while same happens again. Seems like there is some refresh happening in the background, maybe it happens when Evernote checks cloud storage for notes updates. It's quite frustrating. I thought it may be caused by slow PC, but it happens also on my brand new laptop. My pc is running Win 7 and Laptop Win 8.1. For now web app is better choice for me as it doesn't has this issue. I hope this will be fixed in next update.


Anyone is having same experience?

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  We're pretty friendly (mostly...) so it's not usually necessary to 'like' your own post to get any attention..


As far as freezing is concerned,  have a search around the forums - yes we know it happens,  and there are various house-cleaning measures you can take that may help if it's a problem;  if you are seriously troubled by the issue then raise a support ticket (see below) to get some detailed guidance.  In this instance however it's not just you...

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