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Grant applications

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Is anyone using Evernote to track what grant applications you've applied for?  We are a nonprofit and currently don't have a very good system to track grants, i.e. what's available, timeframe, application completed, grant approval status, etc.  



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In what I understand about Grant Applications and the Grant Management Process, I think Evernote would be ideal.  It is not unlike Project Management, in that you must keep track of the grants from researching, application, status review, maintaining forms, documents and organizing in categories.  This all can be done with Evernote.


If you currently use something like Excel to keep track of your grants, then you will find that Evernote, along with Excel, will enable you to create your own custom Grant Management System.


I would suggest getting a free account, create a couple Notebooks and start compiling a couple grants to see if it fits your needs.  Evernote is robust, however, it may not provide you all the amenities of the robust of Grant Management Systems on the market today. I have never worked with a large Grant Management System before, so I am not sure what they can do for you nowadays.  But Evernote is extremely inexpensive in comparison.


For tracking grants, I think Evernote would be a good fit.


Just for clarification, I am not an Evernote employee.  Just a consumer who uses Evernote for a variety of things.


I hope this helps.

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