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Original filenames of imported documents: Possible to List / Report?

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I wonder if someone can help me please?


I've been using EN successfully with my Mac and ScanSnap to scan and import a large number of paper documents. (I use Hazel to send to Evernote from my "Scanned Documents" folder.)


I'm not sure how this has happened but a number of files have been re-sent to EN and are now duplicated notes. Others have yet to be sent to EN. It's got messy. I need to do an audit so that i can compare the files sent to EN with the contents of my scanned documents folder to check for both duplicates and files not yet sent. 


The easy answer (I thought) would be to sort the notes in EN according to the PDF filename, allowing me to rapidly spot duplicates and to compare with my folder contents. But I can't see how this is possible. Is it just me? I can't compare note titles with stored files because I've renamed most of them as they are imported to make them meaningful and indexable. Each note bears the filename and note title prominently when viewed, but is it impossible to see just a list of underlying attachments i.e. filenames?


Failing that, does anyone know of a utility that would do this? Or otherwise have an idea how best to approach this problem? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I'd suggest you ignore the duplication issue for the moment and concentrate on getting everything that you know or suspect has not yet been uploaded into Evernote.  If you run out of upload limit,  upgrade your membership temporarily / buy extra headroom / use a local notebook,  but get the information into Evernote first.  If these documents are being used regularly you should find some duplicates just by getting two hits where you'd expect only one - just delete one and carry on.  At some later date you may want to look into the possibility of a script of some sort to compare attachment contents,  but that's something that doesn't exist yet.  If you have Evernote's Related Notes feature on a desktop,  that may help you find similar content.  But at the moment there's no way that I know of to access or list original file names within Evernote.

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