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(Archived) Dragging files into a note gives out-of-order results.



For example, I'm trying to group sets of images into a single note. Say I have




So I create a new note, and drag the images in. In some cases, it winds up being in reverse order; in others, the last image is first and the first last, in others, they are scrambled in different orders. I haven't yet gotten them to show up in the note in the same order as the filenames.

Is there any way to do that?

Furthermore, when I drag a set of images into a note, there's a carriage return at the end of every image in the note. Is there any way to circumvent that?

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Thanks for the report, I hadn't noticed that before. I think we're just getting the order for the files from the operating system, and going along with whatever it says, but I'll check into it.


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Where are you dragging these images from? Are you dragging them directly from the Mac Finder, or are they in some other application (e.g. a mail client)?

The mac processes drag-and-drop differently in a few different contexts, apparently.


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I have the same issue, I drag the files directly from explorer and my notes end up out of order.







They are in order in the folder, sorted by name.

I am on Vista Ultimate x32

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What is the algorithm Evernote uses to load multiple files?

I have this same issue , I'm using drag & drop in MacOS from the Finder to load a set of page-scans, and the result is a mis-ordering of pages. I want to do a lot of this so I need to figure a way other than page-by-page.

I have experimented a lot, it does not seem to be based on FileName or CreatedDate or ModifiedDate or Size. Drag&Drop yields different results from Copy/Paste. The sort order in Finder seems to affect the result. The sort order seems to be repeatable with different combinations of starting conditions.

Suggested Feature : a selection in Preferences that allows the user to select "Order by Name" when dragging multiple files into a Note.

Final Note: Apple's Preview application seems to do the right thing ... if you select a group of jpg files and open in Preview, they open in order by Name.

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