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Suggestion for improvement on "Sort Order"

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Maybe this was covered before, I don't know - but, I'd like to make a suggestion for a new feature (and will make a subsidiary suggestion unrelated to the first just to get it off my chest):


1. I would LOVE if Evernote would record my preferred sort order for each notebook separately - some of my notebooks I prefer to sort by date they were created, some I prefer to have them sort by note title, some by the date they were last updated; and within those preferences, sometimes I prefer a reverse sort as well... but unfortunately, every time I change sort order in one notebook, it changes it in all of them, and I have to keep clicking the fershluggener sort order menus.


Please make Evernote remember whatever sort order I last told it to give to any notebook. It would save a hell of a lot of time and frustration.


2. You should have a much better way for people to make suggestions other than "please go to our forum and search and see if it has been requested before, and if you can't find anything, post randomly in whatever forum you think it ought to go into because we don't have one just for feature requests so your guess is as good as mine as to where it ought to go". Or even just create an email address we can email a feature request to, and to which you can send some kind of generic response like "Thanks for the suggestion!" so we know it's actually been received and/or looked at.

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1: Somewhat apropos to #2, this has been suggested before, and you could probably find it using forum search or general web search, whichever floats your boat. The one fly in that particular ointment, from my point of view, is that we don't always view notes in the context of a single notebook, so the question is what order do you choose for sorting when you view multiple notebooks? Not a great technological hurdle, but one detail that folks sometimes miss.


2: The sub-forums shouldn't be too hard to figure out, for those paying attention (some folks don't), Your #1 is pretty clearly a general request for Evernote client; you hit it right. If a topic is obviously off topic for a particular forum and has a better fit elsewhere, one of the moderators may relocate it as appropriate (me, for one), and possibly relabel it or retag it. Beyond that, we are assured by the Evernote staff who come here that they do read all posts, and I believe that; they obviously don't comment on everything but they do appreciate feedback and suggestions. If you really require a response from Evernote for feature suggestions, you can always open a support request (the link is in my signature).

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Thanks for the response! Much helpful. 


And yes, the sorting after a search on words or tags would be impossible for Evernote to figure out how to do it, but I'd be happy to have that sort order be whatever a default setting might be - I can sort on my own if I want something else, and each search will probably have its own desired (by me) order anyway. But if the notebooks themselves could keep a notebook-specific sort order, that would be great.


I'm loving Evernote! Used for a couple years, but really only this year have decided to make it my main go-to place for organizing my life, so am spending much more time learning how to use it and do cool things. James Rubin has been really helpful. :D And the Evernote staff and creators seem to actually care about their users which makes me even more comfortable making this my main thing. And helpful folks like you! Thank you much!

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