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I would love an "auto save" option for the creation of text and audio notes.

I want to be able to set an option so that If I create a note (text or audio) and hit the "back" button it defaults to saving the note not "disappearing" it. I understand why this is the default behavior but I want to set an option to change it. I would rather it "uploaded" a note I didn't want to than loosing a note I needed because of an errant button push.


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I see in the new 1.0B4 version you have added an "Are you sure you want to discard this note" dialog when using the back button. I really appreciate this feature as a safeguard against loss of data. I would suggest that it only pops up if you actually have any data in the form or any audio recorded.

I would still like an auto-save feature as an option to minimize the number of button presses needed to create a new note. This would be especially great on the audio notes which i hope to use while driving. I appreciate the ability to set title and add text after recording an audio note but would like a preference to automatically skip this step and just save and upload the note. Maybe with an added menu option to enter the data on occasion.


Canyon R

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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