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Keeping my annotations open?


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I'm using skitch and evernote to organize notes for school. I got skitch so I could highlight my PDFs (the majority of my school reading), but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just inefficient. When I open my note with the PDF and click on the annotate button, all is well and I can begin highlighting. But I also like to take notes by jotting down the important points, and as soon as I click over to the other note, my annotations window disappears. It goes back to the original note and saves the annotations, but in order to get back to where I was, I have to click the button again and scroll back to where I was last reading. Is it some kind of glitch or is it just the way this works? 

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That appears to be the functionality of Skitch. It seems as soon as you click out of the PDF you are annotating, Evernote auto-saves so your annotations are not lost.  For the auto-save to "stick", Evernote must close the PDF.


I like the saving feature for obvious reasons, but I can see how it can be frustrating if you are going back and forth with taking notes and making annotations.

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