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(Archived) TODO Checkbox & Clipper Panel


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1.) I am trying to place a TODO checkbox on a note created inside and while on the Web version, but I can't find the little empty square described below:

"To insert a ToDo checkbox via the web interface, you should click the little empty square on the right side of the list of formatting controls above the text entry field."

I am running Internet Explorer 7.0 from work.

2.) Also I want to place the clipper panel on my toolbar but when I click on Tools, I don't see a Toolbars menu. This is a federal gov't computer so perhaps this function is disabled, but I need a workaround for this.

Thanks for any help.

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OK, but I was hoping I don't have to click the Edit button just to insert a checkbox. I think in the Windows PC version, i just right-click and the insert checkbox option shows up.

Also, when I try to save and close after the checkbox insertion, I get the following message:


Save and close

Unknown exception (com.google.gwt.xml.client.impl.DOMParseException: Failed to parse:

) during operation (Update note).Close

Otherwise, everything's fine.

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Thanks for the report. I couldn't reproduce this on IE7 after a few tries. What did you put into the note before you saved it and saw this error? Do you see this if you just type a few words and add one checkbox, or does this come from pasting a lot of content from somewhere else or editing an existing big note (like a web clip)?


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Here it is again:

Unknown exception (com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError): 'e' is null or not an object

number: -2146823281

description: 'e' is null or not an object) during operation (Unknown).Close

It happens when I am in General with 2 filters: No Tags and Unfinished Items. When I click the "x" to remove the no-tag filter, this error message appears, then I click close. It doesn't appear to do any damage, but it still worries me.

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