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(Archived) lost a note

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Evernote wiped out the majority of my to-do list note, my most important and extensive note. i think it happened when saving the note from the Pre client. i sent in a support request a week ago, but apparently you guys don't read them. some of the beginning of the note is still there, but after that it just got cut off.

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Do you recall what you were doing on the Pre when this happened? Was the existing note you edited text-only, or was it something like a web clip? What did the note look like after this error? I.e. did it just have the first few lines, and none of the rest?

Do you have a backup of a client database on Mac or Windows from before this happened? If so, we could walk you through the process of recovering from there.

Support requests from Premium accounts are answered by a human within one business day. Free accounts will receive a reply eventually, but it may take a bit in some cases when there's a backlog.

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it was a text-only note, and i just saved it normally by tapping the folder icon; i don't remember anything weird happening. the note has the first few lines, the last of which is cut off mid-way.

i don't have any backups of the database; i had the windows alpha client running, which the forum thread says uses a separate database, but it does not, so my original was overwritten.

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