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Beginner- how do I re-use notebook?

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I just finished a semester and only used a few pages in a notebook. I'd like to remove them to a binder and re-use the notebook for a new course.  I'd like the new notes to synch to a new file on line instead of going into the file with the old notes.  Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I browsed through threads but didn't find a similar question.


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Physical notebook??


You can create notes in any notebook you want... Create a new notebook for your new course and you can create all your new notes in there. 


There should be no moving involved.... 


If you need to change the "default" notebook (the notebook to which your new notes go if you don't otherwise specify a location), you can do so in the application preferences. You could set your new notebook as the default. 

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I'm sorry.

I'm using a Livescribe pen that synchs to Evernote. I have 4 spiral notebooks, manufacturer-labeled, 1-4.  The content of the notebooks synchs with Evernote via the internet, thru the pen.

I used a notebook for stats, notebook #4, and only used 20 pages.  I want to remove the pages and use that notebook for a research course. 

I want to set up a new notebook in Evernote and have my notes for research, page 21 and on, go into that file in Evernote, not into stats.

I know how to set up the new notebook in Evernote, I just don't know how to get the Livescribe to know that pages 21- on go into the new file. 

I hope I clarified my situation better......

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Ah, well that is certainly very important information! 


In light of this new information, yes, I think you will have to create a new notebook in Evernote, name it after the course you have just completed, and manually move the notes from the live-scribe created notebook (#4 in this case I gather) to the newly created notebook.


I don't have any personal experience with the livescribe stuff so I'm not sure if you are able to re-assign default notebooks, so moving the pages from your stats course out of the livescribe notebook seems like the easiest route. Should take a grand total of 30 seconds!  

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