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Setting up distribution lists for sending emails from Evernote

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First post so bear with my limited Techno-speak abilities.  I send a lot of notes from Evernote to multiple email recipients.  Can I set up distribution lists within Evernote so I can send to the "distribution list" instead of typing all the individual email address?


Thanks for the help!!

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There is not native support in Evernote (except I think if you use Google contacts, which I do not).

A few workarounds:


1) For each distribution list, create a note in Evernote with the email addresses in it. You can just bring up that note and copy-paste the email addresses into the address field. 

2) Use a program like text-expander to create a snippit that will expand to be the desired list of addresses.: https://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html

3) Email the note to yourself, then using your computer's mail program and your computer's contact management application, send it to the desired list of users (e.g., the desired "Group" in you Mac's Contacts application). 


Obviously none of these are super elegant and 1 and 2 have serious shortcomings (notably, if you need to change one users email address, then you need to change it in every distribution note or text expander snippet they are a part of. This would be highly prone to error!). Number 3 is not as bad, but it is cumbersome! 


It is an unfortunate shortcoming of Evernote that they do not seem to tie into the computer's contacts application. Being able to auto-complete addresses or send to contact groups would be really great. 

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