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Hello all,


I'm new to the forum, and new to Evernote.

Was hoping to get some assistance with a confusing issue.


I have Evernote Premium, and access it through Windows app on my main laptop, the web app on my secondary home machine, and my Blackberry.

I added some notes last night via web app.  New notes show on my account through web app, and on my BB, but not on my Windows app.

All locations show the same number of notes.

I've synced, searched, and went through each note on my windows app, but there are still 2 notes not displaying for some reason.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Evernote syncing is a 'hub and spoke' operation,  with the web version being the hub.  Clearly the web has synced with the Blackberry,  but not yet completely with the Windows machine.  If you don't see your missing notes in a few hours,  and provided you don't have any unsynced notes or local notebooks on the windows machine,  just rename your windows database file to something else and allow Evernote to rebuild it from the server.

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