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Shared Notebook, user cannot edit note but has correct permissions

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I am a premium user and have shared a notebook with my wife who has her own Evernote account and there is some strange behavior happening.  First, I shared the notebook and allowed her to modify and invite others(I have checked this setting a couple of times).  I went in from her phone and she can see the notebook and all of the notes.  I was also able to select a note from her phone, update it, close out of the note, and it showed up changed on my phone.  Now, when I go into the note from her phone(and all notes in that notebook for that matter), there is a little lock icon at the bottom and it's preventing her from being able to edit the note.


Any help is appreciated

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Best suggestion - raise a support ticket (see below);  while you wait for assistance,  try un-sharing and re-sharing the notebook,  both from your and your wife's phones,  clear any caches you can find and uninstall/ reinstall Evernote on her device.

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