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WorK with many notebooks and tags But sometimes is important to have moreon Evernote is not the way to go, is that right? What did you recommend?

I don't feel comfortable using a lot of tags an notebooks on Evernote, I found it difficult to manager. But sometimes is important to have metadata and I don't Know how to do it in a good way.

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Hi - it depends on how much metadata you want to record,  but I use mainly one notebook and rarely use tags;  my information is mainly in the title of my notes so I can use "intitle:"searches and avoid false positives from the content of my notes.


My standard title content is:  <date yyyymmdd> - <content type (letter, receipt etc)> - <detail (who from/ what for)> - <keywords (more information about the content)>


It works for me.. 

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