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I have a Fujitsu S1300I ScanSnap Scanner, your ScanSnap Organizer should be similar to mine,


  • On your Mac launch ScanSnap Manager.
  • Now RIGHT CLICK on the ScanSnap Manager Icon in your application bar, Select  'SETTINGS'
  • UNCHECK the 'Use Quick Menu' (near top left) - SEE ScanSnap Setting Window attachment photo
  • File Format should be PDF NOT JPEG
  • Now click on the File Option Tab, now click on the 'Option' Button (near the bottom right)
  • You will see a PDF file format option screen - SEE ScanSnap Options attachment photo
  • There will be options for Split PDF pages, one for Multipage PDF and one for Generate one PDF per x pages (usually set to 1 page per)
  • You want Multipage, this will make all the sheets you scan into one PDF doc in Evernote

You might want to check off the 'Convert to Searchable PDF' as this will make your docs searchable in Evernote, make it real easy to find what your looking for.


Remember, you will have to change it to Generate one PDF per x pages (usually 1) if you want to scan a batch of sheets that are different.


Also keep in mind that if your scanner has duplex scanning and you scan one sheet with two sides in Generate one PDS per 1 page you will get two PDSs.


I hoped that this might have helped you.



ScanSnap Options.tiff

ScanSnap Settings Window.tiff

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