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I use Evernote 90% for my weekly grocery shopping.  The first part of my list are staples, I then make my ingredient list from either a magazine or a book, starting with a page number, so it looks like:



diced tomatoes


98 (page number)

1 lb cod



8 oz sirloin steak



1/2 cup peanuts


I first shop at a local chain (think Trader Joe's), then Vons.


Be nice if I could


a)  Sort my list by ingredient, or better group like items together

B)  Mark items as bought and just see stuff I still need.

c)  After shopping, return to the original format.


Of course, I'm open to being told how I don't know how to use existing features :)


Who knew a bee paren made a smiley?



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Indeed this has been discussed at length elsewhere so we can be sure Evernote is aware of it. Those discussions may offer you some tips too!

For your specific purposes you should consider a third party with Evernote integration like:

Say Mmm or grocerytrip. In addition to making the basics of managing a list much easier than Evernote's text editor,they both offer extensive additional features you might appreciate. And best of all it still keeps things conveniently in


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Well since the thread is already here for suggestions. 


1. I'd love to see a right click in main tag view to add a tag to an existing stack. I've been using Evernote since 2008 my tags are out of control. 

2. I'd also like to have an option to not see tags from shared notebooks, and or have the ability to delete a shared notebook from Evernote (OS X) database without leaving the shared notebook ( I can check it from web interface). 


Also if anyone has any tips on massive tag cleanup, I'd greatly appreciate you. Suddenly the amount of tags I have is driving me crazy. 

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Hi. Short time user. First time poster. Loving it and I have a couple of feature requests, so I thought this looked like a good place to start to.

a ) It would be nice if I could easily drag an item to a new position in the list by way of click, hold and drag.

b ) I'd like to be able to delete complete items with a single selection rather than starting the cursor at the end and back spacing. This is quite tedious.


c ) I'd like to be able to delete 'all' ticked items with one menu option 'Remove ticked items'

Of course if any of these are already possible, I'd be happy if someone could tell me how.

Minor issues I have found.

a ) In edit mode, when I click where I want to start typing, and the keyboard appears (I use TouchPal), the screen shifts and I have to find my place again. In a large note this can be hard to find again.

b ) In edit mode, when I select cursor movement, I can only move within the current item. I can't move to the item above or below. So I have to touch where I want move to. And of course, the first issue occurs again, and on a small screen, touching with a finger is not always accurate, so it may take a couple of goes to get the right line and position.

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