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Sync Failed on Mac OS



Evernote 5.5.1 build 402628

MacOS Version 10.9.2

Error "Communication Failure-Login failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote servers.  Please try again later"


What I have done

  1. Waited 1 min
  2. Waited 5 minutes
  3. Waited 30 minutes
  4. Log off user
  5. Rebooted machine
  6. Log out and login



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I'm seeing the exact same thing.

Evernote 5.5.1 build 402628 -- MacOS Version 10.9.2 -- no sync whatsoever. Just locking up at launch.


For about the past week, the Mac App has been crashing, then locking up like this and being non-responsive. Is this a known issue?



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Hmmmm I have not experiencing any locking up or persistent sync errors. 


Recently (end of last week) evernote did some rolling maintenance to servers. Evernote sent out an email to users detailing when their account would be unavailable for sync. Mine was on Thursday, my partner was on Friday, and other users on this forum had different dates too. It is possible that maintenance is still "rolling" and your section of the server is currently being maintained. Look in your email to see if you received such an email message from Evernote. 


You might consider just submitting a support ticket too. It may be something that Evernote staff can fix on their end by poking a machine with a broom stick or giving it a firm smack. 


As for crashing, I do not know why this would be occurring. Perhaps do a thorough uninstall and reinstall. If you have local notebooks or unsynced notes (since this is, partly, a sync issue) make sure to export them first. anything that has been synced should just get pulled down from the servers when you re-install the application. 

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