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(Archived) Search and Encrypt on the PRE?

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Getting up to speed with EN on my PRE... is there a way to bring up different notebooks on the PRE, or bring up all notes for a Tag? Don't see the ability to search on the handheld. Also, I can encrypt on the desktop... but can you decrypt to read the note on the PRE?

I installed the desktop software.... do I need to install something on the PRE, or just log on and use it as I have been. Thanks very much for this great app.

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Due to the limited screen space and capabilities of the mobile device, there's currently no browsing by notebooks, and no support for decrypting encrypted content.

You can search notes by tag if you just search for the tag name.

To eliminate notes that just happen to have that same word in the content of the note, you'd need to specify the tag explicitly via:


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