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(Archived) Enter address instead of coordinates

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Hello Evernote-team

It would be cool, if evernote not only had fields for long/lat/alt but also a field to enter an address to be converted by a geolocation service into long/lat. So it would be easier to add addresses/positions to notes later, when they are already created.

I keep a notebook full of architectural objects which I like to see on map when I'm travelling. Until now I would have to translate the addresses in long/lat values (using a geolocation site like http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocode) and enter them manually into the note which is too complicated.

Otherwise I'm very happy with your tool !

Thank you for your answer


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We display geo-lookup information on a few clients (e.g. the iPhone), and plan to add this to more. This is used to display a place name (e.g. "Paris") instead of raw GPS coordinates. We don't currently try to derive exact street addresses, but you may be able to do this by opening the Google Map from the note's "map it" option, and then look at the corresponding location there.

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Thanks for your answer.

What you describe is the exact opposite of the function I'd like to see in Evernote. If I get it right, you mean the translation from coordinates into addresses with street and city. For me the opposite would be a simplification of things: The possibility to enter a street and city and to get the coordinates into the note. (and having it placed at the right spot on the map.)

Do you intend to integrate such a feature?


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