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corrupted and now can't sign in

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I have Evernote on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. Somehow or other my Evernote on my iMac got corrupted so I trashed it and downloaded another one from the app store. 


Of course I can't remember my sign in.  I'm still signed in on my Evernote ipad and iphone apps but I've looked all over them and can't see where is says how I signed in.   An email address, user id, Google.... I have NO idea.  So now I can't get my notes on my computer which is where I use them all day long.  Literally all day.


So how can I fix this?


Is there a way on my ipad or iphone to see how I signed in?  I've looked around and can't find it.


Is there a way to recreate the notes I have on the phone and iPad to the new Evernote app I got on the Mac from the app store?


Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.  Greatly!!!


Thanks,  Susan



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You should be able to see what name Evernote has for your account in one of the other apps.  Not sure in iOS whether this will be your own name,  or the account name.  You should be able to raise a support ticket (see below - and choose 'guest' when you start the process) to request help.  It wouldn't be a good idea to create a new account and recreate the notes - your Mac wouldn't connect with the other devices and future notes would always be out of step.

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