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Why won't my Evernote Sticky Notes appear after I restart my computer?


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I had several sticky notes on my PC destop. However, upon restarting my computer, the notes have disappeared. If I click on the application shortcut, I only get one blank note. The notes are synced to Evernote properly. How can I restore them to my desktop?

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. This must be a problem with the third party application you are using.

Is it possible that you need to launch your sticky note application because it didn't automatically open at login?

I would recommend you also seek support from that third party developer or at least tell us the name of this rid party application so we can offer some better insight if it is one that your fellow users here are familiar with.

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Searching for some more information I found one of the developers actually posts on this board. His user profile is here:


Perhaps PM him.


the product website is located here but there is no contact info posted:



Though from the previous discussion on the same topic here:


I suspect this application may not be currently actively developed. 

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