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Evernote lost all my notes since February 2013!

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I have been using Evernote for Android on my tablet. Occasionally I'd get a notification of some kind of sign-in error, but aside from that it seemed to be functioning normally (actually, when I'd click the "add note" icon on the widget it would go into to an unending update cycle, but more on that later). Anyways, today I got it to do the update by going through an update notification in my notifications bin. I was hoping this would end the endless update cycle issue and solve the occasional failed login notifications. First time running the new app it required a sign-in (which it never did before). I had to reset my password (even though I'm pretty sure I had it correct). Now when I try to view any recent note I get a message that says "Could not load this note".


I assume that the notes were being saved locally only (because it was never signing-in before), and when the app updated it lost the locally saved notes.


What is ironic is that Evernote touts itself as something that will remember everything (a seemingly simple task), and it has grossly failed to do so in this case.


The bug I mentioned that caused the app to go into endless update cycles should have been an indicator of the quality of the code being written by this company. It would tell me that there was an update available, send me to a page that said there were no updates available, make me click "ok", then send me back to "add note", which would immediately send me back to "updates available", and so on. The way I found around the issue was to use the elephant icon on the widget instead of the "add note" icon on the widget. 


My hardware is a Sony Xperia 10" tablet.



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Notes are not generally saved locally on mobile devices. They are typically only cached temporarily. 


Consider logging into the web interface at www.evernote.com to see if all of your content is there.


Also make sure that you haven't inadvertently created new account or signed into an old account (e.g., one associated with a different email address).

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