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Skitch and Annotate in Evernote Prerelease


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I am using Skitch and the annotate feature a lot at work, while I find it great that Annotate is now integrated into Evernote I do have some issues with this new feature. First and foremost, why can't I choose to have the images opened in Skitch rather than Annotate, I find it irritating that I capture and annotate the initial Image with Skitch and when editing I am jumping into a different program.

Second and that just make the issue with being forced into Annotate worse the "Stamp" Feature doesn't seem to work right for me. I can't modify the text of a Stamp, or remove and replace it, see screenshot below. I don't know if this is a known bug or if anything can be done about it but I thought I mention it see what others think.




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I'm having a more basic problem. I don't think I ever installed Skitch, and the Annotate function does nothing. Do I need to download Skitch in order to have 'Annotate' capabilities even made available to me in Windows 7? 


I usually use my iPad, and annotate things on it, but happen to be using my desktop right now.  I thought when I installed one of the most recent Public or beta versions, it took me through a walk through of Annotate, leading me to think it was now incorporated within EV and there was no need to download Skitch.

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You can disregard my comment above.  For some reason, now the annotation function is working, although I'm on the same session on my desktop from several hours ago, and haven't updated or changed anything.

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