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Printing a Notebook

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I am very new to Evernote, but am intrigued at the prospect of getting middle school students (who have MacBook Pros) to use Evernote as their science notebook, especially while doing a science fair project.  I have read a bit on these forums about what seems to be a printing problem and while I understand the desire to go green and thus paperless, if students' work moves on to regional competition, their experiment notebook must be able to be in paper form for judges to read through.  (They cannot leave their school system provided laptop unattended for two days--they'll need it during school.)  I do not want to encourage students to keep their experiment notebook in Evernote if they cannot subsequently print it out. Can you please give me a clear answer as to whether or not they will be able to print their notebook, including whatever pictures of their experimental progress they have taken and embedded within their notebook?


Thank you so much!

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Evernote is great for organising and recording/ recalling information,  but it's not a presentation package.  The output features are the same for the free package as they are for the premium package,  so the best way to find out what's possible would be to set up a free dummy student account for yourself and keep / print some notes as a trial.  You can print the notes,  or output them to HTML and print from a web browser.  It won't look like a word-processed document however unless your students have the time and skills to play with picture sizes and table.  


Your better option might be to use a word processor that's available on the MBPs to produce the notes - either by keeping them directly in the wp format,  or copying and pasting from notes into the wp software.  The wp files can be embedded in notes,  so they're available for sharing like any other note;  you just open the file from the note,  and save updates back into the note.  Again it can work happily - but there are pitfalls some students will find with that process,  so you might want to try this out for yourself so you can prewarn them to follow 'safe' procedures.


Bottom line - yes you can print a note,  with all its text and picture content,  whenever you wish.  Try it out thoroughly first though - there's a learning curve in there somewhere...

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