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All my Notes on my Ipad are fine and up to date. But they do not synchronize with the Notes on my Imac. In fact, in iMac, all my Notes are outdated. They are dates from 2012 or before.

How do I get out of this mess and synchronize so that I don't lose everything.


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Yes I did. Everything is fine on my IPad. But it is a big mess on iMac: outdated Notes, Notes in duplicates, Several Notes missing, no order whatsoever. It is totally unusable.

Until to-day synching worked fine. I hope their experts will find a solution.

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If your iPad Evernote is fine, and you sync the iPad with Evernote Web Server, then;

It seems the issue revolves around the Evernote app on your iMac.

You could try Signing Out of your account in the Evernote app on your iMac. Then delete the app off your iMac, reinstall the app and sign in again. Sync the app with the Evernote Server and hopefully your Notes will match those on your iPad.

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