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(Archived) Bug: background color in edit view

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When editing a note, if you scroll down about a page and a half, below a certain point the background is grey instead of white. Probably not the biggest issue with the Pre client right now, but it annoys me.

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I also get this. The problem is once the text goes into the grey area, I can't scroll down to edit the bottom line. When I scroll the bottom line just jumps back down to the bottom of the page where I can't touch it to activate the cursor.

Yah, reporting the same thing, I think...Somewhere in the gray area, as you go down, the application doesn't accept a tap to move the cursor. I'm not sure if it's right where it turns gray, but certainly as you get farther from the white area, it gets worse. It seems to not be true 100% of the time. I tried just now, and it worked after having just started Evernote, opening a note, going into edit view, scrolling to the bottom (in the gray area), and tapping a line or two from the bottom then moving the cursor down to the bottom via the option-slide-finger-on-screen method.

Sometimes the cursor disappears when I come back to the app (I think that's how it can be replicated, but I'm not sure), where I'd previously been editing a note. When that's the case, and I start typing, I believe (I can't replicate it right now) that it behaves as if the cursor's at the top, in the title box.

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