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(Archived) How does Billing work?

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I'm currently a user with a free account, and being a student I do not have much money.

I am wondering if it is possible to purchase a premium account on a month-to-month basis, so that I can only purchase the extra space when I need it.

Ideally for me I would like to have my premium account revert back to a basic user account in the months that I do not purchase the extra upload memory.

If anyone has insight to the way a premium account works, and what happens when you pause/cancel your premium subscription (does it return to basic), I would greatly appreciate hearing it.

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There was a post about this recently, if you search. Basically, I think the answer is that everything you uploaded is still available if you downgrade from premium, but you'll have the basic account upload restrictions going forward, until you go to premium again. So, for example, if you attach a file to a note that is only supported in premium, you'd be able to retrieve that file from a basic account, but not edit it and reupload.

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That's correct.

You can sign up for a one month subscription ($5), and then hit the "Cancel" link on the Settings page to tell the service that you don't want to renew the subscription after its term expires. If you do this, we'll automatically switch you to Free, and you can go back to Premium at any time in the future if you need space or features from Premium.

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I want to upgrade to a Premium account.

I decide to give myself a giftcertificate. In the billing process I want to pay with Paypal much to my annoiance I get directed to the Googlepayment service??

Please advice.

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When you purchase a Gift subscription, you should see an option to purchase via PayPal or via Google. I just tested this, and when I clicked on the "PayPal" button, it sent me to PayPal to purchase.

Of course, if you're just purchasing for yourself, it may be easier to just sign up for Premium without using any Gift Certificate at all.


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With me the PayPal button ends up in the Google Checkout window.

Although I have a Google account I do not whish to use that for payments (ever).

What I ll do is remove all cookies and temporary files perhaps that can cure the strange Google spell ;)

Hoping to hear when you have other solution of me getting to the PayPal counter.

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