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This is nuts.


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Just signed in to check status of a couple of irritants:

- EN5 slow & anaesthetic interface

- EN (all Win versions since 2012) misprints underlined text as strikethrough

- EN (all Win versions since inception) have pathetic rich text implementation notably bullets


Sorry to see nothing new, just more noise.  By which I mean: EN has a decided preference for adding flash & promise; has slipped down the sharing-priority pathway while abandoning core functionality as its first imperative.

I suppose I'll be seized upon by piqued "Evangelists" who'll interpret the above as blasphemous heresy.  If that partisanship is "customer service", good luck.


No other business could run like this.

Windows commands a 90% market share.

There is a solution:  competition.

Regrettably, there is no other way.  Regrettably - because EN never had so enthused a premium user as me.


I wrote the following to the "old forum" four years ago.  Things have gone downhill since.


by Schooner on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:48 am

EN doesn't play nice with MSOffice. Latest issue (posted yesterday) font-color fidelity botch in latest upgrade

I have been a fanatically enthusiastic user since discovering EN, but I see devolution among countless "improvements" which disregard a crippling limitation EN apparently takes as trivial - it doesn't work with the mission-critical software 99% of the world uses, particularly professionally. It's like a magic-bullet cure for cancer that... only works on spiders.

I'm sure it'll soon handle braille-enabled 3D video for Xhosa-localized Palm OS, but please: first face the reality, it's an embarassment to use with Windows/MSOffice.
Priority 1: Make it recognize the de-facto lingua franca of the word-processing world, Microsoft Word. 100.00% compatibility is a basic requirement for marketability to workplace/professional environments.
Priority 2: Make it play well with MSExcel. This thing needs usable tables.
Priority 3: Make it play well with OneNote. During the years of mere wishing for an Evernote, we were all stuck with 1N7. If you can't replicate its function, at least render it intercompatible.

The implicit essential requirement: faithful/faultless WYSIWIG clip-from & paste-to MSOffice applications as a bare minimum for merchantability.

Absent intercomptibility with MSOffice, EN is doomed to kid stuff. Web clips, pancake recipes, a giant junk drawer. A shame, because EN has the core everyone else lacks: xPlatform/efficient sync/search/multi-content. If you get this thing ready for prime time & straight-jacketed with patents, you'll sell it to Google for billions. Or - it'll go down in history as the software equivalent of the autogyro (it can fly, sort of, but... ).

Why work on anything else? It's as if there's a fixation upon the esoteric at the expense of success, as if every day is casual/skunkworks day. Fix this thing, I will cheerfully pay $1000/license/annum when it works.






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