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(Archived) Highlighting & clipping non-contiguous text

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Is there any way to do this? For example, what if I want to save, in a single note, the most important snippets of feedback in a forum thread? Only some comments will be valuable, so I don't want to clip the whole page. And because of formatting issues, I probably can't highlight the whole page, then edit down the text after importing it. And it would be annoying/slow to highlight and clip one good comment, then switch back and forth between windows copying and pasting subsequent good comments into the note.

I just tried it out on a thread on this support board. Using Ctrl allows me to select non-contiguous text, but when I use the bookmarklet, Evernote only imports the first piece of selected text. The rest don't show up.

Am I doing it wrong? If it's not possible to do, are there plans to make it possible? Any workarounds others have figured out?


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It's not going to be much better than the back and forth cut and paste process you mentioned, but you could stay on the forum page, select text one at a time for separate notes, and when done go over to Evernote and merge them into one note.

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Using Firefox on Windows, I was able to do a ctrl + click, then Ctrl+C to copy two non-contiguous pieces of text. Then, instead of using the clipper or bookmarklet, I used the Ctrl + Alt+ V shortcut to create a new note from copied text. (Tools > Options > Note tab; Use Ctrl+Alt+V to paste to New Note from any application). This gives me the two pieces of text, in a new note, with the source link included.

Unfortunately, there's no spacing between the two pieces, so I had to manually enter a blank line to separate the two.

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